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Cuff Gladiator Sandal

Cuff Gladiator Sandal
Gladiator heels, vintage clothing and jewelry cobalt black?

Are these gladiator heels this dress costume? It gives me graduate, and I do not know if the suit heels dress. Is there any way I could add something (jewelry, etc) for the dress to be more appropriate. At the moment I I feel like the dress is too formal for the shoes. As for jewelry, I have a long pendant necklace pendants in black type? black bracelet and ring? vintage, or modern? I like vintage but do not know if the harvest would be in conflict with modern style shoes? Http: / / www.hipgirlie.com / wp-content / upload … This is a picture of Vanessa Hudgens an almost identical PAIT shoes. I think it suits her dress, because it is lighter, summer and dress sandal "theme of the heels. Http://i48.tinypic.com/2ihqi3l.jpg this is my dress. has no face, that was not enough anyway: P and I think it doesn't work and your taste – dressed formal. shoes, sandals. I do not know, maybe I'm only worry. comments please!

Black and blue goes well with almost anything.

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