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Cross Upper Ankle

Cross Upper Ankle
"I can permanently freeze the foot?

You know when you're sitting cross-legged (style man, resting an ankle on the leg other knee) and foot of its top starts to freeze? Well, if your foot gets to the point where there is no feeling, and you can not make any voluntary movement (it ie completely paralyzed), what if I stayed in the same position for several hours, keeping it frozen?

I guess if cut circulation and the nervous system during a sufficiently long period, his gangrenous foot could go … but that is very extreme, and I doubt many hours of sitting with cross-legged irreparable harm, because some people can reduce their movement for several hours in meditation, with no apparent problems in the long term. If you found a way to cut off circulation for a few days, then yes, probably start having pieces of his death and fall. : (

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