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Crocs Mary Jane

Crocs Mary Jane

The new Crocs fashion

Crocs was originally developed as a spa shoe is a brand of lightweight, comfortable clogs founded by George B. Boedecker, Jr. The first model of these shoes hit the market in 2002 as Crocs Beach Ft.Lauderdale Boat Show selling a number of 200 pairs. After many orders of the series began coming more demanding. Within the next couple of years many versions of the crocodiles appeared in stores.

Today Crocs have expanded their production with production of shoes in bright colors and with different purposes. They are made mainly in China, Florida, Mexico, Bosnia and Italy.

Crocs have holes designed in various patterns, these holes are called ports. The shoes are so strategically made with a strap on the back that can turn around so that the shoes can be used both as an obstruction or a landslide. As he passed behind his back looks more like a crocodile sandal. Crocs are available in stores as clogs, sandals and boots. It is also designed for all men, women, boys and girls. Ladies have a range of Crocs to select including Alice, Captiva, Cleo – Sandal, Malindi, Mary Jane and Sassari – High Wedge shoes. The range of Crocs that everyone can use is Athens Flip Flop, Berry, Cayman, Off Road, Professional, badges and Yukon. There is something for all tastes. Knock-off models are in black, white, brown, pink and green. However, the Cayman beach and styles are available in over 20 colors. Others come to market in only two or three colors.

These multi-purpose shoes are perfect for people with back pain. Not Crocs are specially designed therapeutic versions are ideal for people experiencing problems with their feet and several other diseases. One type of Crocs, that are specially designed for diabetic patients to prevent foot injuries.

Crocs are a favorite among children. Just love the colors bright and easily. children's shoes also have different characters from Disney Jibbitz, flowers, butterflies, monkeys, SpongeBob and superheroes. No need to worry of them getting wet, and it does not absorb water and they are also designed to get wet. These shoes are durable and tough enough to go in any rain or water. Crocs are relatively cheaper than other shoes and give comfort and protection for children. They can go either rough ground or playing on the beach while protecting their feet.

If you have not gotten Crocs go for it today. Once you purchase will find that are resistant to slippage light, ultra comfortable to wear. They are also resistant to bacteria and that ventilation and odor comes through their ports. They have also been praised as some of the most comfortable shoes you can buy for a low price.

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Interesting details on Crocs was written by freelance writer Anita Carson. Visit Sweet Feet Shoes and see their range of Crocs that best fits you.

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