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Criss Cross Sandals

Criss Cross Sandals

Ancient Greek Fashion Accessories – Enchanted Dreams

With a deep affinity with earrings, bracelets and rings of metal and semiprecious stones, the ancient Greeks has gained worldwide recognition for his enchanted jewelry. Gold is the most popular material used in the creation of jewelry, other precious metals.

Jewelry has been a long evolution over a long period of time. Jewels were simple and they were manufactured primarily for everyday applications. For example, pin or pins were used to fasten the himation or chiton, seals were used to seal letters and documents. Until the Hellenistic period began Jewelry to take the intricate features exquisite design and composition.

Footwear such as sandals were also common in ancient Greek. With several belt lies between the toes to the ankle in several ways, Greek sandals were very attractive and comfortable to wear. They were minimal, the light and left almost bare foot. Before the invention of high heels, women in ancient Greece try all means to make themselves more exclusive high attaching cork leather sole. The men wore appropriate shoes, such as length or calf and ankle boots, half until well tied or stayed in the foot with the help of a cross in the fabric thong toe foot travel or war.

Headgear were available in various shapes and styles. Apart from the well known hat-shaped cone the hood is another attractive style. The women wore scarves that wrapped around the head. Saccus wine with a tassel at the back and the networks or nets to hold the hair back. Made of woven straw, the Petasos see a wing that could be turned up or down, in addition to being tied in the neck by a ribbon.

Makeup It was very useful for most women in ancient Greek. Makeup includes several aspects, such as applying a white base color, which was lead face, blush, which was made with vermilion or vegetables to the cheeks and lips a picture.

Especially perfumes scents of violets, mint, myrrh, marjoram and thyme also enjoys high prevalence. They can be applied to other body areas according to their different aromas.

Fitness is vital importance to both sexes, though only men were allowed in the arena.

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