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Criss Cross Hidden

Criss Cross Hidden
How to satisfy the hunting instinct of dogs without going to the game?

I own a Great Dane. She's just a puppy yet. Of all However, we took a walk and she will criss-cross in front of us like a hound. And she keeps her head low and can smell things really well. She smells that people tread there and go crazy. (She is a big social butterfly.) Anyway, I thought all the hunting instinct in Great Danes were bred to out? How I can completely fill your instinct? I was thinking about playing games with your monitor and hide-and-go look. Any suggestions?

I have read about people who play hide and seek with Kongs. Fill the Kong with some treats and hide. Start easy, then get as complicated as the dog can get. Or you could keep track of your train or "detection" working like a dog for fun. There are tons of books to learn. ETA-independent what the dog was intended to, he can still play with the dog mentally stimulating, such as the first suggestions I made.

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