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Couture Metallic Leather

Fashion Forward 2009: Get ready to look good and feel good

Probably not remember who said it, but whoever said that fashion comes full circle every 30 years or so was not too far. Last season on the track was reminiscent of the 1970s, both the fabric and the easy flowing style. We saw much over the long skirt and much less than the micro mini. Materials like silk and chiffon, which tend to flow and gather, were popular in the spring of 2008, and still have some staying power in 2009. However, fabrics like cotton and denim, which tend to maintain the shape and lend themselves to casual styles are making a recurrence of this year.

If you got rid of much of its cotton and denim last season, do not worry as these materials are still cheap as always to replace! Some things from last season are still popular and can be recycled for this season. Accessories like metallic bags and clutches, and as''bling sequins and other items are still very popular and can still be used with confidence. Left over from last season and still cute as ever are headbands. Get rid of that pencil skirt from last season, though!

Pairing a sheer shirt over a camisole with jeans is still a great casual look that you can remove once again and "stylish sneakers" are another stroke in 2008 left that can manage to make stretch this season. Always an advantage when the style and comfort can be combined. Still popular for young entrepreneurs are low-cut, patterned shoes sport with ties that sport the best brand names.

Brown was the new black for a couple of years ago, and while Brown has some staying power, metallic silver and gold are hitting around the 2008 season as well as dull gray. New this year is water colors such as bold type cobalt blue, yellow and green Kelly.

The shoes are always in the forefront of fashion of the questions people ask. Animal prints, which were fashionable year spent for clothes, are in fashion for footwear in 2009. Pumps pointy toe, who returned last season are very popular in all styles of shoes and boots. Late 2009 promises to provide plenty of vintage look leather as boots on the measure in question and the larger, chunky heels we saw last year are being exchanged for sleek, more kind of skin.

Of course, if we talk about shoes is that shadow. Still popular are the round of Jackie-O style and dark sunglasses that cover most of his face. Celebrities, of course, brought this trend to the forefront of fashion and not seen as going anywhere anytime soon. Also popular are bright primary colors that, surprisingly, are available even in the largest round and square shapes and styles not only in sports this year.

Designer denim is still the hottest thing around. We all know that true religion, Citizens of Humanity, Buffalo, Seven for all Mankind and Lucky have become standard, almost in passing the mill designer jeans. Although the range in cost from $ 125.00 $ 300.00 for the pair, which remains the "norm." As for jean style and cut, the zipper-ankle and straight-leg variety, very popular last year was pulled aside for boyfriend jeans and more casual, comfortable cuts. Expect to see them everywhere this season. For those of you who love skinny jeans model, " do not worry. They are still hot this season, even in the dark wash was brought back before 2009.

For the past few years, tracksuits have been very popular for everyone from the teen supermodel average than the housewife shopping at the mall. Juicy Couture is probably still suit more popular, but this aspect has grown in popularity Juicy retailers with a reasonable price, such as Express, that front-line designers such as Cynthia Rowley. This season, look extends to men. While the warming were always popular for men to go to the gym, 2009 sample garments worn by men in a fashion designer casual and similar to the way women wear. Gucci is a top designer clothing brands for men this season.

This season proves to be very interesting for fashion trends and styles. Comfort and style blend very well, so expect to looking great and feeling great. Nothing too over the top this season's offense, but an eclectic mix of old and new that should satisfy anyone pay too much attention and monitoring of current trends. So get ready to shop and enjoy some of the styles comfortable and cool 2009 will be everything.

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Megan Hazel is a freelance writer who writes about a variety of topics including celebrities and fashion, often discussing specific products such as designer handbags.

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