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Court Pumps Ladies
help with my used car?

My husband and I got a used car off a lady. in the car to make $ 1,800 payments of $ 200 a month. Nothing was ever signed for not making payments on time or late fees as you would with a distributor (repos). The car is in my name and husbands. At the time we've had the car, have put a new water pump, 4 new tires and new brakes. I have only 240 left in the car. because all the money I put into fixing the car, I have not been able make a payment for 2 months. I said that I have maybe $ 40 more next week she says she wants everything to the end of the week or she'll take the car. have in mind that we had to register the car when we get so the title in my husbands name. I'm not saying I will not pay. Can you come get the car or Should I tell him to take us to small claims court.

When you buy a car from a dealer, they (or the bank) clings to the title, so actually own the car until pay. If you have the title and then the car belongs to you, unless the lady can submit documentation to the contrary. You should do your best to pay the lady what you owe as of right, but legally you owe nothing.

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