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Cork Wedge Sandal

Cork Wedge Sandal
Tight Denim skirts with cork wedge sandals?

saw a cute girl redhead fire (her hair in a bun) carrying one types of skirts and shoes from them and a cute white top, say 'sharp' generosity big clevage lol saw a bus stop that was? you or your friend? / She seeing anyone now? : D she wore a skirt like this (although a little short, could see his calves a little) http://www.jennyrosematernity.com/images/249 ~ ~ 1 ~ 391 ~ 82 ~ 0 ~ jennyrose ffffff-v1-en ~ 0/20070620_YT5T3641. JPG and shoes like this http://www.splendicity.com/shoeblitz/files/2009/02/cork-wedge-sandal.jpg

No, but if you see her again, you can ask her for an appointment for me!

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