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Cole Haan Air

Cole Haan Air
Are these wedges pleasant, safe and comfortable? ?

I just recovered from a badly broken leg and I am finally able to start to think and heels and wedges. I have a party next week and I was thinking of getting this pair of Cole Haan wedges air, because I think the air can plant make it more comfortable and safer to do not strain your legs too. Http: / / ftp. idealupholstering.com / idealu ~ … What Does everyone think? Does anyone Cole Haan has used air heels before? I had two pairs of their homes in the foot well when I was in a cast and they were great. Any other suggestions for nice, comfortable wedges and heels? Thanks and love, Kari. Http: / / ftp.idealupholstering.com / idealuph/images/01247.jpg ~ is the correct link. I'm sorry! 🙂 Kari. ~ Http: / / ftp.idealupholstering.com / idealuph/images/01252.jpg is a picture of the funds if that someone can judge whether they will be safe and comfortable in my situation. Thank you very much:) Kari newly repaired shoe fanatic!

im a number of casino and I'm on my feet walking around six hours a day. Cole Haan feel better than mose def. ive only worn heels, but nothing would be even wedges id better bacause they distribute their weight more evenly

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