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Coach Signature Ladies
Owner / Agent signature?

The next week I'm going to pony club camp. We ship in all forms to our DC, but the lady of the camp called us and sent us these forms that said I still had to be signed, which is weird because I remember having to print the forms and signed agreements .. anywho, in the forms is an "owner / agent 'signature line, what is it?" I've seen many times in the form of three one day events also and just had my coach sign them (and that technically owned the horse), but in the forms of transmission of Im in the camp, the right granted by the parents / Gardien signature line, so I am right? is the signature of the person who owns the horse? "can also be a witness other parents? its not a 'legally binding "Document or anything. ** By the way, the owner or agent signature line appears twice in the document (their acceptance of risk form).

The horse owner or someone who represents the owner must sign the owner or signature lines agent. If the owner can not sign, usually the coach can signing as an agent. A witness can be anyone who sees you sign it, so if a parent does not have the signature is there, it can be the witness.

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