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Clogs Mules Size

Clogs Mules Size
I shoot a strange cult at my feet smelly wives – but she finds the idea strange and creepy?

All I ask is that you relax and allows some random nice guy (with a foot fetish), kneel and kiss, smell, caress, lick and rub her bare feet. toe sucking too. theres a huge market for this sort of thing – that many people dig this sort of thing. My wife wears a size 11, and have bare feet really soft and nice toes feet. I often praise their feet, but she's not remotely interesting is the issue at all. She would prefer to pay attention to what she was wearing or her hair. I live in the United Kingdom and the kids watch public notice in my feet wives all the time, especialy in bars and clubs when shes slipping in and out of their mules or clogs. I asked a man I know someone in the work of 500 pounds that could have an hour with the wives feet. My wife laughed and said "no chance of that is rare – yes, he NO 'How I can speak for him?

gross hahaha tell you the money to get a diamond bracelet.

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