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Clogs Holland Traditional

Clogs Holland Traditional
or distinctive traditional dress in Spain?

Think clothes / shoes / accessories! When I think of Mexico and its people think, hats, blanket, the Warach (sp?), embroidered dresses folk dance …. Japan: kimonos Netherlands: clog clogs What about Spain?

Flamenco. When most people think of traditional Spanish dress, they think of flamenco, or whatever it is called there: "A Gypsy Dress" or "A Fair Costume." clothing for men is covered better in the latter term, and is more of a cowboy suit Andaluz. Women sometimes wear a similar outfit: black suit with some embroidered bolero style jacket and flat-topped hat with a flat edge. That's what most people think of as traditionally Spanish … In fact, the costume Andalusia, and each region has its own traditional dress popular. Asturias is more like a German team, and Galicia is reminiscent of Ireland. If you want to do with So, I'm sure, look for "flamenco clothes" "flamenco dress" or in Spanish costumes. They actually made a series of stamps with men and women in all 17 teams in Spain some time ago. I almost bought a set while I was there.

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