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Clarks Brown Leather

Clarks Brown Leather
Scuff marks kind of shoes?

hello everybody! I bought some "soft leather moccasin style shoes Clarks for work in a discount store. all are of similar design and the colors are black, brown and mid brown conker. after using each of the shoes I realized that removing them that the front of the toe area seemed like they were scraped. I do not know if it was a deliberate attempt to make this model look trendy shoe or as to whether there a fault with them and that's why that ended in a discount store. anyway, I have tried to own shumagic Clarks shoe dyes and others and they all led to the reappearance wear marks within minutes of use. Does anyone know how I can do something that permanently hides these brands? thank you very much.

I think a bit of lacquer Nail miracles, however, if it is not that could mean the leather is really wearing down and the only way to hide it's the old trick of beautiful women fill it with markers! Sorry!

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