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Chic Studded Patent

Chic Studded Patent

Mulberry Roxanne, nails and chic bag Embellished Buckles

With the remarkable success of two iconic Mulberry bags Bayswater and Roxanne, mulberry has created a brand of understated luxury, excellent quality and practicality. Known as the British lifestyle brand first, the Mulberry bags are created in the cool city with the craft field. There must be something dwells in every piece of her bags: simple but detailed, modern and restrained, elegant feeling decent. This Moorish style is so unique and sharp that it can be immediately recognized in most cases.

The signature Roxanne bag is inspired by some basic elements for a handbag, such as buckle, stud and pocket that are perfectly used to embellish the bag and give it a distinct character. Apart from its design unique functionality with a wide margin wonderful hobby like youth to bring everything you need along with it. Another factor that makes the coveted bag is a favorite celebrities.

Since its first launch in Mulberry 'spring / summer 2004 collection, mulberry Roxanne demand remains high and constant. With equally important iconic Bayswater bag, who can deny that the two exchanges to thrive arrears at the beginning of this century? Chances are that many people take Roxanne Bayswater bag or as a synonym for the English fashion house.

Roxanne Mora is a big box-shaped bag with two front pockets with magnetic closure belt buckle. There is another hidden magnetic closure with buckle belt running through the center and two between the two top sides. Double leather handles with metal rings in the end. The bag is beautifully studded with all that distinguishes it from other luxury handbags. Despite buckles and belts are not practically necessary, the stock lost its distinctive glamor without them.

Mulberry bag is characterized by a focus in tactility of the materials. There is no exception with the materials for bags of Roxanne. Made of buttery soft grain leather, delicious and lasting effect, enters new Mulberry Roxanne hair styles in the calf or patent leopard print. In addition, the colors available are extensive and helpful: the blue of the ocean, raspberry, fuchsia, vanilla, olive oil, patent blue, navy and many other pretty colors. As this is a single color bag, accented with bronze, you can pair it with more costumes if colors do not run counter. It can match well with a white tunic and capris to get a casual or dressy look with a creamy swingy halter dress. Moreover, this spacious bag is a good goalkeeper with all its accessories. You can only take it to any place in any season.

For any woman who love fashion, without doubt, will blackberry Roxanne on its list of cabinet. If you are obsessed with this coveted Roxanne, www.eurohandbag.com is useful for your desire. Meet Roxanne, Bayswater and many other Mulberry bag, and meet with your satisfaction. Is there a handbag that disdains trends season and drew high demand? Yes, Mulberry Roxanne is one of them.

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