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Charles David Bowie
What are some songs that should never be remade?

There are some songs that should only be sung by the people who made it famous. I have a couple of songs that belong to that category. My question is do you agree with my list of songs and you want to add? Here is my list: (Some these songs are from bands but I'm just using the lead vocal) 1. Redemption Song / No Woman, No Cry * – Bob Marley 2. White Rabbit – Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane) 3. Stairway to Heaven – Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) 4. Space Oddity – David Bowie 5. Hemorrhage – Brett Scallions (Fuel) 6. Welcome to the Jungle – Axl Rose (Guns N Roses) 7. Imagine – John Lennon 8. Bohemian Rhapsody – Freddie Mercury (Queen) 9. Georgia on my Mind – Ray Charles 10. Metal Health – Quiet Riot *- both songs should not be remade, but I would not put a artist here twice. Paramore and Avril Lavigne are not good enough to make this list. sorry friend

Yes, I was thinking the same: Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen Us and Them-Pink Floyd-The Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop Around The Chain Gang-The Pretenders, Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit Yellow Submarine The Beatles-Paranoid Black Sabbath and many more …

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