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Chain Linked Gladiator

Chain Linked Gladiator
What shoes look best with my Greek goddess costume?

For halloween I'm wearing a white dress one shoulder is a little short (mid thigh) and disguising with lots of gold jewelry. I am also using her head a crown of Greece. So these two shoes will look better with my costume. Halloween is my birthday so we have to go to a bar or nightclub and want to look pretty;) Option 1: Option http://www.gojane.com/34917-shoes-metallic-chain-link-medallion-sandal.html 2: http:// www.gojane.com/32507- colorblock shoes gladiator-design-sandal.html Thanks Thanks in advance! Heres a picture of my costume: http://www.yandy.com/OH-MY-GODDESS.php if anyone can find any sandal others that are cheaper and look better to be big! Thanks again!

Mixed with sandals Diagonal to the ankle or calf are more feminine, I suggest: see below. Edit: especially with the diagonal cross on the bodice?

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