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Canvas Round Toe

Canvas Round Toe
Is it OK to wear flats to a bank teller?

I have no, or particularly high heels, and would prefer a flat professional (patent leather, without canvas or anything like that), but I'm not sure if your right job. The work is a bank and do not want to appear under dressed. I have a pair that is black with a pointy toe, but what a round toe? I have the following: forever21 http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog% 5Fname = & category% 5Fname shoes sub =% = & search 5Fcategory 5Fsize% = & search = & search 5Fcolor% 5Fprice% = &% 5fid product = 2041934427 & Page = 1 # black. How are you? Also, for the warmer months, it would be a suit may be, as a sress shirt? http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog% Forever21 5Fname = dresses category% 5Fname = & product% 5fid = 2048159322 & Page = all #

Highheels are for social gatherings or the manhunt. I prefer to do business with someone who is dressed for business, not a cocktail. Too many women want to be taken seriously in business, but want to dress like models or prostitutes. It has gone too far and that only hurt their image if not dressed appropriately for the job at hand. You never see a man wearing high heels or a skirt ripped his back while working at a bank, right? floors are the way forward and that is a good start.

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