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Brown Snake High

Brown Snake High
MIL birthday present 5O Please help?

Helping my mother in laws 50th birthday is approaching and I have to get a gift as soon as possible. I was going to get her handbag thats a snake skin look brown with Diamonte buckle, I bought my mother one day of his birthday, but my husband does that is pretty good too I bought a package of shirts, etc lip and a top card, 50th birthday, balloons that say 50 and we are making a cake, etc, but I thought the bag was a great idea and was going to book a high tea in your state for her and a girlfriend ….. this is pissing me off because we only have today to achieve, as we go abroad on Friday to celebrate his birthday in Thailand and I'm also working Preggo 27 weeks and I'm sick of seeing … HELP ME before I Cry

Tell your husband to think of something, if your idea is not "good enough "….. Personally, I think it's perfectly good idea.

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