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Brown Shoes Womens

Brown Shoes Womens
debate again … Opening the brown shoes with black dress?

I know that traditionally, never coincide with brown and black. But lately I've been watching people and sometimes carry out decently. What do you think of this combination of black dress + brown shoes (with necklaces / bag to match shoes)? Brown + black is still a big no-no, or is it okay now? http://www.newport-news.com/shop/product_single.aspx?style_id=17518138&index=46&gp_coll_id=9&gp_cat_id=1649&nav_cat_id=1686&category_id=7660 http://www.payless.com/Catalog/ProductDetail. aspx? and TLC = Women = WomensSandals SLC and BLC = WomensSandalsTrendy and Width = Medium = 59 606 & ItemCode and LotNumber = 061 444 & Type = adults and Popularity = 672 & DescriptiveColor = Brown

If you have a bag or a scarf that has both brown and black in which you could make it work. You can also add a pin that has both brown and black. NEVER SAY NEVER! You can make it work … you just need a little more work! Work it!

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