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Brown Oxfords Shoes

Brown Oxfords Shoes
"I can use Oxford with jeans, dress pants? business casual dress?

Ok, so these shoes are appropriate, are not oxford shoes are long black dress shoes (no laces) I use to work with khakis and dress pants. I do not remember if I read that I can only use oxfords with dress pants, I These shoes are black, also I have mochasines brown pants that I use with brown or beige, and dress pants, am I making a mistake? or does it look good? Anybody can make me a list of what goes with what shoes pants? I'm starting a new job soon and clothing the business is casual, but I dress business casual so you can impress. I would also like unusual color combinations that are Latino im good so they have a mixed color, light brown im black hair and black eyes as my avatar profile (negative yellow: P)

All means of informal businesses is that you need not be in a suit, but you need to dress shirts, ties, slacks and dress shoes

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