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Brown Leather Wedge

Brown Leather Wedge
Leather stinks!?

I have these nine super cute wedge sandals West. I really like I have them in brown and black! Problem: The shoe on the foot find every day is leather! They are starting to stink! Yuck! I can not slide under my desk, and the buckle around my ankle. In the end the day, I can not wait to come down and wash my feet. Them on the porch last night b / c it smelled so bad! I Febreeze in them. What else I can use to get that smell to go away, other than not wear as much ??!?!?!?

Hey woman! How about trying a bit of powder sprayed on plants? I have a pretty pair of shoes that I can not wear socks that are in the same way. I bought some inserts that already have "Arm & Hammer" in them and I just sprinkle inserts with a little baby powder before lowering my feet in them. It has worked so far! Have a good one!

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