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Brown Leather Size

Brown Leather Size
How can a patch of lavender oil is removed from a dark brown leather sofa?

Lavender oil spilled on a leather sofa dark brown and a left "orange-ish" mark on the leather. It feels waxy to the touch, but you can not scratch with your fingernail. We have tried to dilute the oil, and using a leather cleaner designed for motorcycles and dish soap, but have not succeeded in eliminating or reducing the size of the spot. " Does anyone know what can be done to reverse – or at least minimize – this damage? We would appreciate any help we can get! Thanks!

The problem seems to have taken some of the color of the skin surface (may be a two-tone leather top where the color / finish has been removed) and no amount of cleaning, etc. resolved the problem. Please do NOT use Mr. Clean magic erasres as in this type of leather you will do much more damage. 2 tone leather are not easily fix it yourself and you really need to contact a qualified technician who can help solve the problem. DIY kits will not work and could make things worse

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