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Brown Leather Pumps

Brown Leather Pumps
Do you think this woman sounds horrible?

She is fifty feet high with a black bra and panties black with a garter belt nylons hooked black. Wears black high heel pumps and tight black leather gloves with a leapord print cuff. She also wears a scarf of pink feathers. She has a flower pink and brown curly hair. She has a nice figure and loves to smoke cigarettes. She also uses the ruby red lipstick, dark mascara. It destroys homes and buildings and people like to eat. He also likes to pick up people and squeeze them with his gloves. She likes to step on people as well. She demands to be worshiped and spare parts anyone. She makes threats to take the knee pointed toe boots and claims it gets more evil and bigger when wearing them. He also likes keep people captive in the media. He also likes to smoke his ass out on cars and houses for your enjoyment.

she sounds like a fake for me

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