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Brown Leather Loafers

Brown Leather Loafers
WOMEN: socks with the plans??

well, so I got a new job and the dress code is khacki pants, button blouse and flats of some sort, no heels allowed (the position of director of youth in treatment at home). so my question is, what type fashion socks with flat shoes such as?? I bought some nice brown leather flats (loafer style / no laces) and i cannot figure why type of sock to wear with them. because most of the top of your foot is naked in these shoes, it looks better without socks, but my sweaty feet, without obtaining all of them, theres no way I could do eight hours without socks, so what you wear with these shoes Damned??

knee highs. keep your feet warm and work as well as socks, plus nobody can tell you are wearing them. could buy socks that barely cover your toes .. I have one pair but you can still see your shoes.

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