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Brown Leather Clogs

Brown Leather Clogs
The woman / man, I like to use to use this type of shoes. What do you think?

I like to wear leather sandals with a finger and the Black.Brown loop.Brown have thin straps across the foot and a wide belt in the back of my foot, but on top of the foot. Jesus type sandals with heel strap and the strap through all toes.I wear shorts. I also have been open for coffee back Dansko clogs with jeans or khaki's socks.When and I am not you can clearly see that they are open back clogs. What wound a / men than women? I wear these when I'm with my wife or alone. I carry because they are comfortable and as if what they seem.

I love sandals, but not in men. One man must walk barefoot if they want to wear shoes.

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