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Brown Leather Clarks

Brown Leather Clarks
How much does it really worth Wallabees Clarks?

Remember that not long ago when all the cool kids had Clarks Wallabees, moccasin shoes brown? They looked old, were not very comfortable, and broke fairly easy, but for some reason everyone loved them and bought me two pairs of myself. Anyway I bought my pair for about $ 110 at the time, but I know it is clear that it does not cost much to produce, I mean only one leather block of rubber and cords. I always wondered how much it cost to produce each Wallabee Clarks. Does anyone have any facts on this?

Well lets take an average do they really shoe lasts approximately one fifth of the price suggested and recommended by the manufacturer is less than the retail cost of the MSRP is what the store pay for them. After taking one fifth of that, I guess about clark wallabees a pair of shoes cost between 5 and 10 dollars for something specific.

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