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Brown Leather Born

Brown Leather Born
What do you think? Not intend to write a book?

Im not the intention of writing a book, but I was testing my writing. A scream tore through the atmosphere of violence, only to realize it was me. I was screaming in agony and pleaded in vain to stop. The prospered fear through my body. Nobody heard the pain and desperately pleaded, wept and pleaded for him let go. I screamed with all his might therefore Even my heart skipped a beat. I could see the bruises that appear within seconds and the skin revealing my flesh, but by now I was so disconnected that could't feel it anymore. He dropped the belt and left. The brown leather belt that had marked every inch of my body as I looked exhausted. What I did to deserve this? I was born. Not as bad as you think once you get used to it.

I have seen many initiatives like this now I'm considering a clich̩. It is "abused girl / girl in pain" scenario. I never know why they are suffering or what is happening to them. There must be something that infect the collective unconscious of all young women in this country. Why you feel so abused? Why so much pain? Anyway, suffer from a lack of originality. In addition, "The shrill cry of a tore through the atmosphere of violence, only to realize it was me." The shriek realized that was I? Therefore, the main character is a cry? To make any sense, this might be something like: "I heard a scream rips through the atmosphere [Violent what does that mean anyway Рa thunderstorm? a tornado? a sky full of knives?], only to realize it was mine. "Why Why? Only one person can see things, and one person can not be a sharp cry, but a sharp cry may belong to one person. Therefore, you have to ensure that a human being experiences this and that you are saying has the cry, not that is the cry or crying itself has some kind of freaky consciousness. Testing. Tests. It may have some wires out of place, but I'm sure you can get this job writing with practice and learning. Keep at it!

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