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Brown Leather Boots

Brown Leather Boots
What is a cute outfit to wear with brown leather thigh high boots?

Not to sound a night walker, but something that can be up to class? ideas pictures of clothes is a bonus! are brown leather boots thigh high with a low 4''talón

Not sure if you is trying to be casual or elegant, but their are some ideas – 1. Just a nice short black dress, sleeveless / and fringes. 2. A tank with black leggings and a pair of short black (top the knee) for use with a gray short-sleeved stretch dress. (Here is a picture of a dress from the "strip manga" – http://bcbg.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pBCBG1-6733027dt.jpg). Also, wear a gold belt on the dress, a few bracelets and big rings, necklaces and a pair of large size. 3. A pair of jeans, brown bag / bag, any shirt / tank, a black coat that completely covers the part of his shirt and jeans, a green scarf and a pair of sunglasses oversized. 4. A pair of dark jeans, a red shirt / tank, and a red leather jacket. 5. A pair of jeans, a black bag / purse, and a loose, black, off the shoulder superior. (Here's an example of an off-shoulder "superior" – http://shop-acquiesce.com/Designer_Clothing/images/P/RP-off-shoulder-top-blk.jpg) 6. A pair of jeans, a blue striped shirt and a white jacket. 7. A pair of jeans, a white shirt and a blue jacket small.

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