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Brown Bronze Faux
Self tanner for really bad lines??

I have to get rid of tan lines running out of my shorts all the time. I'm white skin but my skin usually turns a golden light instead of burning, the sun exposure. I am opposed to laying out / going to tanning beds because I prefer not having to pay for botox injections and treatments when melanoma is greater. So I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations self-tanner. I heard the following have been pretty good, but I've never tried: Upper end: 1.) Bare Escentuals Faux Tan, 2.) Clarins Bronze Quick Drug Store: 1.) Neutrogena, 2.) Jergens addition, I am not really that concerned with getting dark. I'm want to get rid of the silly lines, because when I go to the pool and such parties. Thank you very much for your opinions!

Hello! My favorite product so far seems to be Paloma Natural Glow, a gradual tanning lotion. It does not smell as bad as the rest of them (actually smells good!) and will help you match the short line without it being too obvious. If you use an overnight tanning may overlap lines or points where there is natural, and color can be totally different from a natural tan. I would suggest gradually building this as a lotion make sure the color is correct. Good luck!

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