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Help me choose my shoes, please!?

I really need help choosing shoes to go with my dress: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/2955662/0 ~ ~ ~ ~ 2376776 2374327 6005464 6005465? Mediumthumbnail = Y & category = & source = & searchtype PBO = 6005465 & P = 1 can you suggest some shoes of this website in gold, silver and bronze to go with this dress? http://www.endless.com/Womens-Shoes/b/242169011/ref=topnav_sd_wm_gw # Search_Top THANKS! The dress is ivory. white shoes look horrible with it. and the type of look bad bc silver dress is more of a warm tone.

Surely there must be someone who makes ivory wedding shoes. If you get a shoe that is of strips and / or bright or something does not matter if the shades do not match exactly because there will be a block of that color, but be broken by bits of skin showing through the pad if you know what I mean. Or you could have done a couple, just give them a sample of your dress fabric wedding. A girl I know wearing a white dress with blue water ballet slippers, and had a bouquet of white lilies with aqua ribbon. If you are bold enough to do that, then that is an idea too. Examples of shoes: Good shoes: http://www.modelbride.com/product/view.php?product_id=019904&category_id=009741 This is good because you will not notice the difference in color as the shoe is broken, not a bulk solid color. Bad shoes: http://www.modelbride.com/product/view.php?product_id=019906&category_id=009741 These shoes would be bad in your situation because they are only one piece of color as if different stand out clearly.

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