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How to Dress, whatever their sex

"Girls who want boys who like boys than girls who do boys like if they were girls who do girls like children "- the catchy lyrics blots girls 'and boys' track fairly accurately sums What is happening in the world of fashion in recent years.

Ever since Muccia Prada presented the men with skirts in the Milan Fashion Week 2008 has been a growing trend of men's clothes to take on feminine traits and for the ladies to add a touch of masculinity to his eyes.

Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga are just some of the other well-known fashion houses to adopt the cross-dressing theme, although this is not a new concept. 1970 Woody Allen film, Annie Hall Actress Diane Keaton seen taking a few looks more masculine and artists like David Bowie have been pushing the boundaries of personal identity through their clothing and makeup for many years.

The last cross dressers in the scene include new Burberry model Patrick Wolf, actress Cate Blanchett played Bob Dylan in the 2007 film that does not exist and of course I am the brother of celebrity 2010 big competitor Alex Reid who has been gracing the pages of British newspapers since the beginning of their relationship to well known Glamour model Katie Price (aka Jordan).

If you want to inject a touch of androgyny in your wardrobe, then you should be surrounded by inspiration and high street stores are one of the best places to buy different brands for you to experiment with different looks and styles.

Ladies who want to look a little less girly can opt for pinstripe and herringbone checks, whether in suits, trousers or coats. Tuxedo jackets, coats, pants sturdy shoes and cigarettes are key elements that help drive this trend.

If you are not so interested in his pants then structured styles as the tulip, bubbles and pencil skirts and shift dresses, all work equally well. The trick to keep a lady-like edge is done by adding feminine pieces like heaven high heels or a bag of murderer.

For men the look is so easy to achieve. The look can be dressed up or down, and how to get the various elements together is completely your choice. No matter how you choose to match your items androgynous together

It's so easy oh feminize men's suit with a pin, scarf and shoes and if they are all then skinny jeans worn with shirts or women's sleeveless shirts creates the perfect look. De mens coats to accessories for the ladies, there are a million and one ways to update your look and even a hint of cross-dressing seems to be the way forward fashion go do a time.

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