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Bow Round Toe

Bow Round Toe
cheerleading try and TIPSS!?

Having my Scorpion, n arrow bow, heel stretch, left divided, split half, almost right parties, I have my cart wheels, round off, backhand spring, touch the toe, herkie, billboards I used to be flexible in the gym, but now I just take classes in fall! i need to learn a joy and a song and need help and how best to remember a dance … try outs in April or March! i practice almost all dayy I do? theres gonna be 33 girls trying out and only two of them four are soo competition, cheerleaders do I have chance (I have my surgery almost aesthetics and design) I'm very good at balancing i <3 cheerleading and I love to smile if u never met me u would deff. call me posh! i am very strong! but I How nervous I can leave my nervosness? (This is not a word but IDC) this is my school now = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFsybem164Y need to test the advice! I need to try videos please (This is cheerleading SCHOOL)

It would have no trouble making the team here, but that does not help any. You can find tips to try and learn the dances here: http://aescougarcheer.com/Cheer101/basics.htm Good luck! I'm sure it will be great in tests fitness, if you can relax (as much as one can relax in this type of situation) and let shine. : ^)

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