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Bow Pleated Ballet

Bow Pleated Ballet
Black spring formal Ballet Flats?

I've been thinking about going to a formal source, but my mom believes that neither the dress or the shoes I looked at were formal enough. But now he has changed his mind on the dress, but no shoes … Help me up:-p Here is the dress: http://www.unique-vintage.com/1950s-style-black-purple "Illusion" of mesh prom-p-3324.html? osCsid = abe0665502e6cd6cbcb81a91c75423bb Here is tea length tulle petticoats under (the dress code is tea length): 817.html http://www.unique-vintage.com/style-black-tulle-length-petticoat-crinoline-slipone-size-fits-most-p- And here are the shoes ballet (I buy them in BLACK!): thanks guys http://www99.shopping.com/xPO-Cutie-Lace-Bow-Pleated-Ballet-Flat-Shoe-Brown-Satin-8-5 bunch! PS I really hate heels and do not want to use. Personally I think the floors are delicate enough to be formal, but that's me:

first, which I love her sooo cute dress and I would be so jealous and shoes go well with the dress I think that might work for the spring formal because they want something that is too smart, because then you will only see how much clothing

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