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Mazda CX-9 Review

At first glance, this seven-passenger crossover utility (CUV) Mazda CX-9 looks very durable, quiet and really amazing.

It is a fact that SUVs ate the vehicle of choice for many. crossing light vehicles, however, are a wonderful little by little due to rising cost of gasoline. Unnecessary weight of the truck-based SUVs is also a factor.

CUVs share common traits that are modeled on the platforms hire. They are more efficient and controllable, compared with large SUV. The CX-9, Ford Edge, Lincoln MKX and other larger CUVs are not much smaller than minivans. However, fall to the strike of aggressive styles, and these give sporty identity in hiding on their size.

The chassis of the CX-9 is derived from the Mazda 6, while that the basic design and many parts are the same as the Edge and MKX. Compared with the Ford Edge, the wheelbase of the CX-9 is 2 inches longer.

With a starting price of $ 29,035, the Mazda CX-9 is available in three trim levels.

The CX-9 seems to really like the smaller CX-7. As matter of fact, one could be confused which is which when the two vehicles are parked together. The only physical difference of the two sides is on the outside.

The surprising aspect of the CX-9 includes a sharp nose, windshield angle and conical roof. All of these contribute to a wedge-shaped profile that looks perfect by the wind. To cover the fat tires, the bulging rear fenders are looking for powerful mission. Standard 18-inch wheels and optional 20-inchers. An example of 20-inchers is the Grand Touring model.

The CX-9 does not lack a lot of care styling. Some of the evidence are the taillights which are decorated with chrome and convex back door. Properly combined wood grain trim, satin accents and piano black panels to the interior of the Touring test car model really much.

Mazda distinguished door panels have curved ribs echo the central console. Switches for power windows are placed in the top of the ribs.

At night, the dashboard is cool. Highlighted by a blue light in a circle, the red number in the key indicators. To turn door handles and do a soft glow on the center console, the blue LEDs do your homework.

The CX-9 is durable and quiet, and is that because you are using Ford's 3.5-liter V-6, that is rated at 263 horsepower. Crowded road acceleration is accessible, while the engine does its job with only a very minimal noise.

Comes with a six-speed automatic transmission. The system is optional all-wheel-drive that provides traction to all four wheels.

A large and roomy cabin is also impressive in the CX-9. For easy access to the third row, slide the second row seat forward.

Passengers feel even more comfort, an outlet and a connector for an MP3 player is present in the center console.

When the rear seat folds down, the rear cargo area is available, with ample space. However, top hinged tailgate was very heavy to close. But that does not diminish the power, efficiency and comfort the CX-9 delivers.

About Mazda Motor Corporation

A Japanese automobile manufacturer based in Hiroshima, Japan, Mazda Motor Corporation is the manufacturer of the quality and the top line auto parts like Mazda muffler.

In addition, Mazda is also a known producer of different types of vehicles and parts.

The company is expected to produce 1.25 million vehicles per year from 2006. Among Japan, Europe, North America and Latin America, its sales are divided.

Mazda's 33.4% share control is controlled by the Ford Motor Company.

About the Author

Kraig Johanssen is a native of Connecticut and holds a degree in Software Engineering. He now works at a software development firm in Alabama. His love for writing and great interest on cars makes him a proficient contributing author to various automotive magazines.

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