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Blue Leather Sandals

Blue Leather Sandals
Fourth of July party dress?

It is probably too late to ask this. I have 58 years of age and a woman enough confidence in my appearance and dress. We go to a casual party on July 4 in a few hours to several of my friends that I was in the DC belong to the night before we were talking about what you are using, is say, red, white and blue. I had not even thought about what I would use. Using rw & b seems a bit … I can not think the right word … but most young for me … something closer to our children and grandchildren to do. So here's what I'm thinking and I would like any comments or suggestions. White linen pants, white linen shirt sleeves done. With this team I'd navy blue patent leather sandals and a thick bracelt red and silver. Or, I have a pair of pants dark blue capri, fists (no denim, but what kind of look). I could use those with the same white linen blouse and a red armband and red woven sandals. I feel a little silly asking, but hey, what are friends for?

I like the second dress you described. Unless you believe that going to be hot, but the other seemed too white. Either way, it will look like if you were trying too hard to wear red, white and blue. Sounds fashion and not sticky like a shirt with the American flag on it.

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