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Black White Polka

Lauren Conrad Collection Spring 2009 Review

Lauren Conrad is probably someone remembers the hit reality television shows Laguna Beach and The Hills, both on MTV. Lauren has transformed his TV fame in a multinational fashion business when he founded the Lauren Conrad Collection a little over a years ago .. The line is composed of sophisticated drapey silhouettes, prints girl and a lot of shirt for everyone. Lauren Conrad gets the press for its clothes on use of their parts, and other celebrities like Nicole Richie have been photographed using as well. By the spring of 2009 is Lauren treat her fans to lunar patterns, silks, chiffons and pastel colors. Read on to learn what key elements are a part of the Lauren Conrad Collection Spring 2009, as well as how to use them and where purchase.

One of the key peaks Lauren fashion show in recent years was Los Angeles Fashion Week Olivia dress Lauren Conrad, and those set to be the best-selling piece of this line. Short dress is a bubble that comes with a matching scarf worn around the waist. It is flirtatious, warm and fun but forgive completely since the silhouette is not embracing the body. This is the first time Lauren Conrad is the use of silk in his line, and this dress is made of 100% silk with a layer silk gauze. It comes in three colors but looks better in navy blue with black spots. Produce your own look of accessories for the dress with a large cuff, a different band and a pair of slingbacks super high. There are necklaces necessary because the pattern makes it stand alone.

Top Beauty Lauren Conrad is so well built 100% silk and comes in a similar pattern of polka dots. The garment appears stronger in light pink with white spots. The upper body is full, but sleeves are sheer. In the ring is not elastic, and in the neck, and a bow .. You can make your most stylish casual joint with the use of this jersey. Linking with dark jeans or shorts is the perfect way to combine it. You can also add a wide belt at the natural waistline to produce even more unique.

One can also find the Lauren Conrad Camille Wrap, which is made out of jersey fabric itself essential. People know the Lauren Conrad Collection for these jersey wrap sweaters. This spring wrap Lauren Camille created a new color called "Garza", is simply a cream / white color. For now, this is the most portable clothing line in spring 2009. The enclosure may be part of a closet from now until winter and met almost anything, whether a printed top tube of denim mini dress deaf. A great look is to get his coat over a tank top carrying a pair of black latex leggings.

Certainly never Lauren leaves out the foundations of their new lines. Also a staple in every season Lauren Conrad Jackie is the top tube, and can be found in dark blue, the perfect tone at this time of year. About the Author

You can be sure, Lauren Conrad will always produce high quality and high style pieces for women, and Spring 2009 collection is no exception! See the Lauren Conrad Mindy Top and all the other garements listed here from Lauren Conrad Spring at OohLaLuxe.com. Use coupon code EZINE to save 25% off of any items you purchase.
You can be sure, Lauren Conrad will always produce

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