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Black Wedge Sandals

Black Wedge Sandals
Joint help?

I have an appointment coming in New York. Besides that, I'm in my mid 20s and have not had an appointment at a time. Any suggestions on what to wear? I know this type of work, so you do not want to wear anything that is normally taken to the office. My goal is something that I feel safe to use, but also looks elegant and sophisticated and sexy understatedly. These were some of the options being considered: 1) sunflower yellow bubble dress with V-neck front and back … paired with brown wedge sandals feet PEEP 2) Skinny jeans with black heels and a black top point that is slightly open in the upper back. 3) Black dress shorts with a black, short sleeve asymmetrical top and black shoes. 4) Multi-colored, modern dress patterns change-heeled sandals. 5) Brown dress shorts with a brown, long-sleeved brown sandals and open up strapy 6) white dress shirt with coffee, wedge sandals peeptoe Your support is very appreciated! Thanks:)

The costumes of all really sounds right and oh so elegant! Me = jealous of your closet! Anyway, I think that none of these things honestly would be perfect, you seem pretty Susser Now Just use what you feel at night and by the time t in targets. Treat everyone in and around the parade housee, see what you feel most comfortable. Since you are the one to know! Not a stranger online who hasn't even seen! Hope you have a good night: D

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