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Black Suede Leather

Black Suede Leather
What is the difference between dance shoes with suede and leather sole?

What is the difference between a shoe sole to lounge a black and white with leather soles? I was thinking of the Ante has good traction, but since dirt accumulates easily, the one with white leather sole would better traction (up brushing off) at the end, although it seems slippery at first, because it does not accumulate dirt as easily (you just slip right off).

The difference is suede will give adequate traction and the other not. You want to get the suede-soled, unless its intention to dance very dirty floor. Suede is easily cleaned with a wire brush to restore. Suede is the best material to give adequate traction for ballroom dancing. Pair of shoes soled suede lasts me about a year, and the plant is not carried out first. My partner takes her suede-soled shoes even longer, probably 2-3 years. Really last with proper care.

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