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Black Suede Lady

Black Suede Lady
Ladies: breakdown of many layers of your property?

Have you ever bought more than one layer at a time? So how many layers are you? What what colors are they? What materials are they (leather, wool or suede, etc)? Are they all the same size (or to keep coats when they were thinner, heavier, etc)? Do you often buy something to go with the shield (bag, hat, scarf, gloves or shoes, etc)? I say this because I want to buy multiple layers (three to be exact), but I feel a bit guilty about it. I have two layers, a black suede, and a red wool. I want a blue jacket, a camel-colored jacket and a green jacket. Thanks to all who respond!

only 2 .. rain proof and no. I live in Florida, however, for this reason i do not need. ♥ my philosophy: if you want the coats, jackets need, love the coats and can afford them, then you should go for it. especially if you live somewhere cold.

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