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Black Stud Thong

Black Stud Thong
Boys and Girls: sexy slutty clothes for?

I was told a couple of times by the girls that I look sexy, but I've also been told by many guys I look sexy. Here is the suit that led to a club tonight fashion: a mini jean skirt, white silk A deep v-neck black lace bra A – you can see a little the shirt bra with deep V-neck! A pink cotton lace thong wild and silver stilettos diamond studs I think the team is sexy, but I want opinions both boys and girls. xoxo Janelle Please do not "sllllluttttt junk or anything. I'm so sick of people being so critical. Did you ever think to look up the meaning of a bitch? It means a promiscuous girl – a girl who sleeps around. I've only slept with four men in a serious relationship. The way someone dresses does not show if they sleep around so shut up. If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.

The girls call you a slut, boys call him sexy …. you call me along a little slumber party. "

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