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Black Snake High

Black Snake High

Snakes in the Mall

One day I waltzed into a mall in Florida and found a live demonstration of a driver snake that was entertaining a couple of hundred guests. Initially he worked the crowd by hanging, some varieties of harmless reptiles out of its members ornaments on a tree. This rather strange soul threw snakes around the stage space, shook and bumped into things, laughed like a maniac, and cracked a few sentences about how nervous this work it did after so many years, having been bitten several times by the deadly reptiles because of their nervous and accident-prone nature. I realized for the first row back a bit, especially when informed that he was now going to transition to the category poisonous. Also seized from all apprehension as he approached an ominous black box and seemed to enter your hand rather cavalierly in the dark space. It I was there must have been outrage and launched into his hand because he annoys back to centuries and almost off the stage when he jerked his hand away as a lightning. Time murmurs of concern rose from the crowd and stepped back again. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck rise. Changed my feet and looked around for others to see if anyone was as anxious as I had become. People were looking at everything about them shaking their heads and raising eyebrows. Some bozo behind I had a child with a balloon and brushed my bare arm hair standing upright on it. Surprised by the idea of touching a snake, I attacked a terror scream in the ears of the old man in front of me and at the same time, grabbed his shoulders as if I had been in the dark with Dracula. He was captured near a heart attack and immediately recalled frequently tested a combination of bad words with a clear reference to a relationship I had with my mother. This controller snake had the whole crowd on the edge.

Meanwhile, fool reptile had caught a snake and another glass box. It was a snake thick, adult, and was waving around unattended in the end of a hook by the spectators who stuck out and trim back. There was something very wrong with this environment because the black at the end of the rod would rocket off the end of the stick and this idiot just miss by mere inches. The crowd was screaming and highly agitated, increasing the size of the audience even more. But I realized that some people – including the old man who had scared the crap out of him – were leaving the exhibition.

And for good reason. The driver of the snake onto the floor and began to insult the pole. Twisting and curling in the stage with his powerful neck like a trigger cocked, stood as an arrow and hit his mouth wide, white down on the foot and splashed a heavy load of poison in the platform. He just laughed. I wondered why an idiot as he was loose in public.

He got the moccasin again within it of glass containers and then instantly wheeled and stabbed his agitation, Bare-hand in recent black wooden chest which he had just retired as if you pull the grinding wheels of a piece of industrial equipment. In an instant, he pulled a horrible, thick arm, gross diamonds to light. Why is this idiot was so hurried I'll never know because it was clear when he retired that he did not have a handle on this demon. He twisted violently and came out control. The two were in a death struggle for dominance in the hands of this man was trying to find a safe place to land and grab the rattle into submission. Lifting it once higher, tried to keep the poison fangs of striking him in the face. Hundreds of disbelieving eyes were locked up in long lines, full-length of the snake in body neck and face of the driver of terror. Realizing he could not hold on longer without being beaten, shot the snake on his head with all his strength to try to save himself. In doing, he threw his head back over and above the crowd in disbelief.

All this took place in seconds, but it was all in slow motion as the crowd parted like the Red Sea to make way for the snake that sailed over them like a rope. Incredibly, it landed on the shoulders of old and bent a senior citizen. Grazing The church was full of older people. So knew their ways fragile and cumbersome. But the presence of a diamond back on his trapeze has healing power that can only be described as divine in its effect. As soon heavy like meat, in cold blood has stopped like a horseshoe around a set of iron by the neck of the realization that the most disgusting building was known for humanity on it came to her with all his strength and turned it into Bruce Lee. An instant source of youth, a career drug and enough adrenaline to lift a car, all in one hit in a split second. She almost tore the dress, drawers, and bra while chopping, he resisted, was waving, foot, turned, jumped, shouted, jumped, bent, curved, twisted, and cursed like Uma Thurman surrounded by an army of Chinese ninjas Kill Bill II.

Long after the baby had fallen to the ground, she hacked into the air almost naked to escape the deadly payload and the reluctance of the her idea. With the thing beyond detection in the past and her safety, she started gathering by inspecting the arms of fang marks and then bent over exhausted and wrought by terror while trying to regain her composure. The crowd was silent for the poor woman. A younger woman in the crowd dragged cautiously behind her to see how it went. The light touch of his hand on the woman was bristling with new sufficiently to make the victim believe the reptile was on their new and old set out again with a cry buckling in the mall with a barrage of insults and bad words to the serpent, the mall, the heavens, the state Florida, her dead husband, who brought here against their will, and followed. Most of the crowd of several hundred had already shot to the center commercial and missiles, stampeding over each other and making their own doors to get out. But the disgusting creature on the ground did not move again. It was then I realized that the vile and despicable snake was rubber, only.

About the Author

Dale is a resident of California, a motorcycle rider, and writer of humorous articles, caricatures, and theological studies that help people make sense of the most popular book in the world.

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