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Black Sandals Thongs

Black Sandals Thongs
Is this a substantial shoe … or a flip-flop? Slippers survey .. lol?

We're supposed to wear dress shoes at work, especially heels. anything girly. (I work in a photograph, the hair and makeup as well) … and flip-flops arent allowed, but strap sandals are fine as long as it one in the heel. My shoes were insulted! We have a fill in the manager, and she was like "you arent allowed to wear sandals. Looks bad, but it was not me as the use of 2-for-$ 5 flip flops from old navy. strip mine in the form of sandal .. but are white and black and shiny, and the band that goes over your foot is bright, and are Macys, and have a kitten heel. I used to wear very high heels, but we are all day at work and they were killing me. My shoes arent rubber or foam. are a shoe hard .. and I love the shoes. Why is my shoe has a fighting chance .. or I have to wear my heels again?

you have too much time on their hands

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