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Black Sandal Womens

Black Sandal Womens
women flat shoes BIG W? purchased in Darwin, where to get them in Melbourne?? can not find anywhere? ?

Hello, my sister darwin approached recently and bought a pair of sneakers women / sandals BIG W is absolutely superb and good enough to wear a dress … I looked HP could not find anywhere … I'm looking everywhere! Does anyone no?? They come in BLACK AND flip the TOE STRAP ON FRONT AND BACK OF YOUR HEEL! PLEASE IF YOU HAVE seen or has a pair Please Let Me NO! Thanks ….. =)

I'm not sure exactly what you are talking about, but check a look at the shoe, which can be the name of their style, which will help because you can simply call the store and ask! If not, what is probably the case, I would know where the largest store in your area and then play them or if you can, borrow your shoes sisters and take them with you. That way you can staff be told if they have them in stock or not. Sorry, could not be of great help, but I advise checking out K-Mart for shoes from time to time as well. Surprisingly, both of these places and Target, have very good shoes sometimes at a great price!

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