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Black Pumps Size

Black Pumps Size

10 simple ways to personalize the Plus Size Little Black Dress

Probably there is one thing all plus-size women and their wardrobes have in common. It is the predominance of black clothing. It's funny. Along the way, everyone seems to have bought the idea that black is slimming – and the idea also that we had to be " thin "of our clothes. A troublesome concept for those of us who like our curves. (And who sees the irony in skinny women" improve " curves of starvation after being thin.) Why do not we just get along?? LOL. But, one thing that women of all sizes need in your wardrobe, and this is the perfect black dress. Why? Because only one item can take you out of its stagnation during the day to your nocturnal fantasies in question seconds.

But I started writing this article all that. I started this article talking about my favorite subject: the smallest size black dress.

First of all, make sure you have some dressed in black in his hand, and make sure they are stylish and in good condition. Sometimes we use so often that simply has lost its dynamism. If you need one or two new ones, be brave and go for a shorter hem or a neckline lower. After all, you can always throw in a long scarf, silk dramatic (tied in the back of the neck) to create a look more appropriate for the office. When you leave home, tie that scarf around your same side of a waste to add extra attention to your ensemble.

What else can I do to increase the volume? I 8 top tips here to throw the ball rolling.

1. Medias. Remember that a simple black dress can lead to a larger statement accessories. Go Network pantyhose fishing! … or at least consider a few spots or a seam up the back elegant.

2. Shoes. Well, this is your chance to be a lift REAL. The great thing about a black base is that you can add almost any signature of color to your accessories. Just make sure you create a symphony of color – and not chaos. If your shoes are red, scarf, should appear the same shade as well. You get the picture.

3. Think of a hat. For the same reason. A basic black dress can lead to amazing extras or not a checkered print. Just keep the chapeau to the same level of classiness.

4. Go wild with the signature a large piece of jewelry, rather than a set.

5. Follow 7th Avenue fashion and add a vibrant color trench over her black dress!

6. Add a zipper! If you've seen nothing in the media about fashion recently, you may have noticed that the exterior, exposed zippers are jazzing all over the place. Want to make a strong statement with little effort? Use double-sided tape to put a zipper-length faux back of her dress – Or good – the front would be awesome! (Remember, you only take you through the night!) Actually SEW Remember the zipper in place if you love the look!

7. Do you have an old dress that is ready to replace? Add a few inches of lace at the bottom and at the neckline and save for your next special occasion. Lace might be too smart for the office, but it is always a go at weddings and christenings.

8. Finally, # 8 (which is actually # 10, if you've been carrying the bill!). Everything is in the bag! Well, try not to talk about the bags in each column of accessories – only because it is so obvious, but for the perfect black dress, just CAN NOT ignore the bag. In this case, it is not necessary to spend a ton of money either. Hit the local thrift store and find the most amazing little you can find the bag – or the more daring. Remember, the great thing about the smaller size is the basic black dress that can make a big statement with just a little effort.

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Stacy Montgomery, Sales VP for Sealed with a Kiss Designs (SWAK Designs,
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) has built her career around her passion, embracing her own unique beauty and plus-sized body. Sealed with a Kiss Designs
is a leading manufacturer of affordable and trendy
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