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Black Patent Over

Black Patent Over
Is my dress / about everything seem too elegant or sexy?

I'm in high school and is a semi formal dance in a few weeks. I go with a date and two other couples. My dress is ivory silk with black lace trim on that. It is my honor and is fitted on top and then a little swollen in the bottom (not a bubble dress.) Hit about 3 inches above my knees. What is Betsey Johnson, if that helps. I'll just wear a black sweater, shoes black patent leather and half black with him. I plan to leave my curly brown hair and light very little wear makeup other than mascara, eye shadow and golden light lipstick. I will also use diamond earrings and a small gold ring. I will use very little makeup, because I fear that may seem sexy black lace for a semi formal dance. What do you think? I worried it might be too smart. What should I do if he is?

not too sexy at all. you could use more up if wanted.

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