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Black Leather Mary

Black Leather Mary

They look pretty with Louis Vuitton Graffiti

They look pretty with Louis Vuitton Graffiti

Are you hooked on the Louis Vuitton Graffiti or roses which is the Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse new collection? For me, the answer is absolutely yes. We must recognize the great success of the limited edition Stephen Sprouse collection of Louis Vuitton's tribute to American artist Stephen Sprouse. The same applies to the line of Graffiti. This time the graffiti logo printed on bags, scarves and other accessories made the fashion world take note again. Since its connotations of style, which soon became one of the most popular and iconic in the fashion industry these days. Many celebrities are attracted to it and here I took some photos to share with you. They actually look pretty with Graffiti.

At the meeting of Louis Vuitton's Party, model Agyness Deyn wearing a coat with playful Graffiti Speedy, expressing fashion and style to perfection. She even select fresh red cat, gloves and socks to match the green. The totally brilliant contrast made us admire.
Mischa Barton in her new book "A Beautiful Life '. The Graffiti pants command so much attention.

Manchester, England. Coleen McLoughlin's wife of English soccer star Wayne Rooney LV Rosas was chic scarf. Dark black clothes with bright pink scarf printed her look elegant and fabulous.

Sarah Jessica Parker wore the scarf fashion world. Her sexy black leather clothes and earrings successfully delicate feminine appearance.

Elegant queen Madonna was Louis Vuitton Monogram Graffiti in orange.

Rich Paris Hilton had a special favor to Louis Vuitton Monogram Graffiti matching fuchsia pink cloth.

Ana Claudia Talancon showed Neverfull Graffiti and pink lining with a happy smile.

Simpser famous singer Ashlee with husband Pete Wentz Fall Out Boy came to the hotel. He wore a Louis Vuitton practice Graffiti Keepall with it.

Designer Anna Sui with Louis Vuitton graffiti bag. It would be better when it comes to a gaudy pink scarf with it. Is agree?

I guess no one can express special passion for the collection therefore also Teairra Mari. His careful preparation of the total sample successfully conducted its being the focus of the camera.

Katie Price told us it would be cool if you wear during sports Graffiti time.

Rihanna with Graffiti Keepall at the airport.

Lindsay Lohan enjoyed her vacation time in Hawaii with an elegant scarf Roses.

The collection also expands beyond handbags and scarves to include shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, small leather goods and ready-to-wear. Have you ever been attracted by Joy Graffiti pattern?

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