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Black Leather Clogs

Black Leather Clogs
What are your favorite style of Birkenstocks and why?

Whether your a hippie, a naturalist, or work on their feet, there must be a community out there who know about different styles and brands. As' professional ',' Boston ',' Betula ',' Birkis. "Oklahoma", etc. I am thinking of buying some, but the names and styles and materials are put to work with increasingly diverse. I would like to hear about what are your favorites and why. If there is some line that is of lower quality than the originals, I want to know that. I think I'm making an investment with their feet. I love my brown suede leather two-strap sandal with buckles. Even wore them under my wedding dress! Now I want to buy a pair of black birks my first (and first period pair of black shoes) and I need some advice! Last detail, I'm leaning towards clogs. Thanks! Rather Birkis, Tatami, Betula, etc! Am wanting to buy a pair and I'm not sure what is best.

All I have are in the range of Papilio. They are my first, and certainly not the most recent (Because I have the intention to get another next year.) I like this range, mainly because of the beautiful patterns in Birko-Flor 'strip the'. The best part is that is so comfortable! But you know that already =)

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