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Black Leather Clog

Black Leather Clog
A question for you big buyers out there!?

I do not know if yoyu DSW (shoe) carries the Airwalk "Abby" Suede clog or something similar? It is similar to Birkenstocks. For those of you who do not know what I'm talking about is a blockage that is mostly sold in brown (other colors include gray and black thing ….) have a buckle on the front, also has these two semicircles in the front. The part of the shoe where you put your foot on the cork is this thing. Be this is sold at Payless, but I have a gift card for the Department of Social Welfare. To view an image of this shoe go to "www.payless.com" and go to the casuals womens-casuals-leather-and then Airwalk "Abby" to cover. Any information is good! Thnx:)

Try doing a search on DSW and footwear or Abby – Sell your gift card on ebay and buy @ Payless! GOOD LUCK!

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