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Black Flip Flops

Black Flip Flops
Are flip-flops totally inappropriate for a club?

I'm going out tonight to a nice sitting for dinner and then to a club in town – not a place fantasy, but still do not want to stand out too much. Black flip-flops will be fine? I want to be comfortable! And I do not want to use my nice floors if spillage beverage people (always happens!) Oh sorry forgot to explain that he was going to wear heels to dinner and then change for the club so my feet do not kill me! I know better than wearing flip-flops to a nice restaurant;)

Flip flops go outta style! Only between applicants and sloppy soccer moms that still does not care anymore they use. Unless you're dining at the McDonalds in Walmart and local club is someone your car stereo in the parking lot and then buy grown some shoes! Lizzie McGuire is so yesterday. o_0 http://www.ecanadanow.com/news/health/study-shows-flip-flops-are-not-healthy-20080609.html

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