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Beige Mesh Dress

Beige Mesh Dress
What color dress do you think is best for a summer wedding?

I love this dress! but idk what color to get! my aunt married on 05 July at an outdoor wedding in a beautiful garden. is a more elegant wedding (my aunt is married to a retired doctor) so I think this dress is perfect. What color do you think is best for a summer wedding – purple or blue? (Definitely do NOT get the white!) Http: / / www.ever-pretty.com/product-HE0279B-Sexy-Beige-Green-Purple-Ruched-Mesh-Cocktail-Dress.html

Defiant wear purple! xxx Oh, and if you need shoes: http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/women/sandals/strappy-heels/73416541-mcmickle/82 Hope I helped xxx

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